SharpTiles Overview

Welcome to the SharpTiles project. SharpTiles is a template engine built for the ASP.NET MVC and Monorail framework . It can also be used as a stand-alone template engine or as a servlet tag in ASP.NET WebForm pages. SharpTiles is a partial port of JSTL combined with concept behind the Tiles framework(as of Mile stone 1).

SharpTiles Example

Why do I want it

  1. It's easy, If you can read this, you can do SharpTiles

    <c:if test="${not fn:empty(Page.Tiles)}">
      <p class="note">
        <fmt:message key="page.tilesSupport"/>

  2. Integrates with ASP.NET MVC or Castle Monorail, check out the getting started to upgrade your application with Tiles under 5 min.
  3. An easy and well balanced expression language in to generate HTML
  4. Refactor your HTML rendering like your code. Extract template parts, rename templates, etc (as of Milestone 3)
  5. Do agile development of your front-end with nUnit support
  6. You're a Java engineer and don't like .aspx


  1. JSTL like expression language
  2. Java Tiles like support
  3. Support for ASP.NET MVC (ViewEngine implementation)
  4. Support for Castle Monorail (ViewEngine implementation)
  5. Support for ASP.NET WebForm (ServletTag implementation)
  6. Support Stand alone usage
  7. Fast
  8. Testable
  9. High reusability of components


SharpTiles is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Please feel free to report bugs or give suggetions about the code, the functionality or the documentation.

Contact form fixed

I regret reporting that the contact form was broken for the last week. All mails send to us were corrupted(empty). So reported bugs in the last week are not received. I'm aware that the timing with regards to the monorail release isn't very handy. The contact form is fixed now. I apologize.

4 February, 2010

Monorail released M5

Monorail is released. The release also contains some minor fixes.

23 January, 2010

Monorail almost finished

Maikel Willemse is coding a Monorail view engine. It's available in the nightly release. A tutorial and a new release will be available shortly.

2 January, 2010

No more tiles.xml
(if you like)

A NSTL view engine is now available. You can do SharpTiles without having a tiles.xml. You will lose the power of dependency injection. If you are interested check out the tutorial page.

21 July, 2009

Developer M3 released

Fixed a couple of parse bugs. Cleaned up refreshing of resources, resource locations and registration of the TilesViewEngine. Wrote some tutorials
Ronald Dehuysser contributed the <tiles:insertTemplate/> and <tiles:putAttribute/> tag.

8 June, 2009

HtmlHelper wrapped II

Updated tag reference documentation.

5 April, 2009

Ready for MVC RC 2

SharpTiles is now ready to use with MVC RC 2.

6 March, 2009

HtmlHelper wrapped

The MVC HtmlHelper is now wrapped and can be used. For it's only available in the nightly build. When the documentation and new Tutorials are made a new release will be made.

22 December, 2008

Ready for Beta 1

SharpTiles is now ready to use with MVC Beta 1. The tutorial page will be updated soon.

3 November, 2008

We've got Tiles

It took me a bit longer than expected but Milestone 1 is reached. Tiles are now available.

23 July, 2008

First release

Finally, after some hard work my pet project is ready for its initial release. Here it is! Please give it some thoughts and feel free to add comments.

23 May, 2008

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